Smallest amount of matter

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Question 1(Multiple Choice Worth 2 points)Which of the following contains the smallest amount of matter?  25 g 2.5 hg 2,500 dg 0.25 kgQuestion 2(Multiple Choice Worth 2 points)The prefix centi- means 103 10-2 10-3 102Question 3(Multiple Choice Worth 2 points)Which of the following is a possible equivalence that can be used in a conversion?    Question 4(Multiple Choice Worth 2 points)Which of the following measurements is equal to 550,000 µL? 5.5L 55 cL 5,500 mL 5,500,000 nLQuestion 5(Multiple Choice Worth 2 points)If you are going to measure the mass of your dog, which of the following units should you use? centigram kilogram gram nanogramQuestion 6(Multiple Choice Worth 2 points)Convert 150 g/L to the unit g/mL. 15,000 g/mL 15 g/mL 0.15 g/mL 0.0015 g/mLQuestion 7(Multiple Choice Worth 2 points)Convert 0.02 g/mL to the unit g/L. 0.0002 g/L 0.2 g/L 20 g/L 2,000 g/LQuestion 8(Multiple Choice Worth 2 points)If you were asked to convert 25 mg to the unit hg, which of the following would be the first fraction used in the conversion?    Question 9(Multiple Choice Worth 2 points)If you need to measure the width of your MP3 player to make sure it will fit in the carrying case on sale at the mall, which of the following units of measurement should you use?  meter nanometer centimeter dekameterQuestion 10(Multiple Choice Worth 2 points)1 kg is equal to 103 hg. 103 g. 10-2 cg. 10-2 g.

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