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Social and personality development

Write a research paper on social and personality development. Needs to be 5 pages. Psychology is an aspect of human science that deals with thoughts, behaviors, and feelings. Nature, biology, and even psychology dictate that every human being regardless of age, society, or culture is in a continuous process of growing and aging. The changes that are associated with human growth are physical, intellectual, emotional, cognitive, social, and personality. Hence, we can explicitly define developmental psychology as the scientific study of these changes throughout a human lifespan. However though development occurs at all ages, much concern lies in child development because it subsequently influences later developments in life (Berryman and Smythe, 2002).Moral development is universal in all theories. The level of our psychological development can be articulated by the level of our moral development. However, this development relies on biological factors like changes in cognition, and brain development that was more vigorous in childhood. Many researchers have drawn different theories and patterns explaining this development. Jean Piaget and Lawrence Kohlberg both agreed with the view that moral development is universal and applied the cognitive approach to deduce their conclusions. They denote a correlation between moral reasoning and moral action. However, John B Watson&nbsp.drew a conclusion in his behaviorism and social cognitive theory that moral development in children relates to learning theories. He observed that the environment is very important in deciding the personalities, abilities, and qualities of children as they grow up.Cognitive moral development is the psychological change in thinking about consequences in morality. These may include duties, rights, justice, roles, and judgments. This takes several stages as explained by Jean Piaget’s and Lawrence Kohlberg in their theories of cognition. Children below the age of 10 years strictly abide by the rules. They follow orders, and adult commands without question. However, they do this in fear of the possible consequences of not adhering like punishments and rebukes. They do not abide by these orders out of the understanding of the moral rightness of their actions and their acts are not intentional.

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