Social Media Trends reports

by | Jul 27, 2021 | Homework Help

Assignment: Reflection Paper Due: Midnight, October 22

Requirements: Read Social Media Trends reportsSocialNetworksForecast2019-Report-en.pdf SocialMediaTrends2019-Report-en.pd fSocial Media Industry-Report-2017.pdf

3 Pages APA Format (Include Full Name and Class Details)Reflection should include an overview of what you have read, your opinion on the content (do you agree/disagree), supporting content and I would like to you to also add what you think the future of social will look like in 2020+  IIRP-Reflection-Tip_Sheet.pdf Preview the document

Develop a 3 page presentation that will be shared in class on Thursday, October 24th, within this presentation you will highlight the current state of social channels, the challenges we face as a society with social and the benefits of social media. Highlight the social channel you think is the strongest and why.

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