Social psychology

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Complete 2 pages APA formatted article: Social Psychology. Psychology The Stanley Milgram had done some psychological experiments to figure out the measurement of the keenness of the participant in a study. His experiments measured the keenness of the member of a study against the instructions given by his group leader in the study. The leader gave them the instructions about the work which was in opposition to the personal interest of the member in the study.One of the studies of obedience was Behavioral Study of Obedience by Stanley Milgarm. In his study he examined the characteristics of obedience. The case was taken as the punishment given to a victim member by giving some shocks by a member in a group. This shows his harsh obedience to his leader. But the member stopped the shocks when the victim refused to give answer further. The member showed tension in the member’s mind. This study showed many behavioral aspects which were observed in this study of obedience. One real life example is when the police torture the criminals. But still when some police person shows the behavioral aspects showed by the study by Milgram. The police person also shows some tension in their mind when they are ordered to beat the criminals.The two studies which will be used to reduction of prejudice are contact and education. These two factors will cause a reduction of the prejudice as the contacts increase the knowledge about the world. The person who is in contact of different person will know about the things happening in the world and thus might able to distinguish the between the right and wrong. The other factor is education which also increase the knowledge but in a different way by exploring books and knowledge from the teachers. The books show the static features about the facts. The books thus give the reality based knowledge. This lead the person to reduce prejudice as the books imparts the right knowledge. The teachers have given the top most places in the world as lead the students to the right area. They give accurate direction to the students. Thus they know what is right and what is wrong. The theory and study of contact has been evaluated as the best study for reducing the prejudice as contacts put the right scenario of the world in our mind. Thus this study is best one to reduce the prejudice.We see advertisement in our daily life and when person in our contact admires a particular product then we purchase although we already has seen the advertisement of that product. But we relied on our contact. The time restricted assignment is the way to approach the Milgram’s agency theory. It shows that how the sub-ordinate are obeying the orders of their authority. Thus the time constrained assignment must be set for the members in the group.The Attitudes Toward Government is a study in University of Michigan. This study shows the real life examples as the protest by the people against the government against any law or other decision. This study shows the Milgram study taking the government as the authority and the people as the members. Thus the people do not obey the order of the government.The Individual Differences in Reasoning is a study at Calif. State Univ.–San Bernardino. This study shows how the different persons respond to different matters and give their ideas. This theory also confers the Milgram’s approach as the different people may have different ideas about an order by the authorized person. Thus they show different approach as some may obey the orders and some may ignore that.References: 1) Online Social Psychology Studies. Effective Prejudice Reduction Strategies, Summer 2002. Milgram experiment, From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Behavioral Study of Obedience, Stanley Milgram, Yale University.

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