Society depending on computer screens

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Research paper on dangers for a society depending on computer screens for communication rather than face-to-face communication. Needs to be 2 pages. ?Dangers for a Society Depending on Computer Screens for Communication Rather Than Face-to-Face CommunicationComputer is considered as the most amazing invention of 20th century. With the passage of time, further innovations were made in the use of this technology, for example, internet, chatting on live messengers, use of web cameras and social networking sites. This all technological advancement brought about rapid changes in human life. With this technology, one can interact with thousands of people and share whatever he likes with a faster pace. Putting aside all the marvels of technology, it has also done a lot of damage to human life style. Lacking physical activities, laziness, obesity, reduction in social gatherings are the few setbacks given by this technology. Introduction of Internet technology did miracles in enhancing the communication technology worldwide. There are various modes of communication that internet has allowed to its users such as usage of chat rooms, messengers, social networking websites e-mail accounts and much more. Now people can interact with one another much easily as compared to previous times. However, these modes of communication have created a problem that is, people like to interact with one another only through computer screens and face-to-face communication has decreased extensively due to which, the society has to face some social problems.Tamyra Pierce (2009) in the article, “Social Anxiety and Technology: Face-to-face Communication versus Technological Communication among Teens” informs that there is social change in people’s correspondence with another. The teenagers regard interacting and communicating through computerized resources as much convenient and effective as compared to face-to-face communication. Due to this consideration, people are moving away from social gatherings and are becoming lazy. They are making themselves to lead a machine like life, which is really problematic for the development of society.Due to communicating through computer screens in place of face-to-face communication, the physical activities of people are also reduced. This is a major social concern. Tanson (2003) informs that lack of physical activities because of internet usage causes obesity in adolescent people. People consider their computerized communication with one another as enough and try to stick to their computers in place of going out and meeting people in person. The outdoor activities are decreased due to which, the whole society is affected negatively. The use of internet for communication makes one socially deprived as due to internet usage extensively, only online communication is left and no face-to-face communication is possible. As a result, people face problems of isolation and loneliness that are a major concern for the society.Overall, it can be said that at one hand, communication through technology has eased the life but on the other hand, it has deprived people of their outdoor activities. Reduction in social gatherings, laziness, obesity, lack in outdoor and physical activities and social deprivation are some of the dangers that can be there because of extensive communication through computer screens rather than face-to-face communication.Works CitedPierce, Tamyra. Social anxiety and technology: Face-to-face communication versus technological communication among teens. Computers in Human Behavior 25 (6) (2009): 1367-1372.Tanson, Wendy. Adolescent obesity largely caused by lack of physical activity, study finds. UNC School of Public Health, 2003. Accessed on 4th March 2010 from

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