Sociology affiliation

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Prepare and submit a paper on discussion questions week one. Sociology affiliation Sociology Qs1 From numerous perspectives, the United s can be perceived as a pot-modern society. Davis (2014) defines a post-modern society as one that is technologically advanced and focuses majorly on consumer goods and media images. The modern American society is dominated with mechanisms that make work easier and limit human interaction. For instance, the traditional trading process has been replaced by online marketing approach. The approach limits the physical interaction of the seller and the buyer. Online sales in the United States have surpassed sales made directly by the seller. In addition, the modern day youth and children are exposed to media images to the extent that it affects their psychological growth (Davis, 2014). Development of media images and trading sites evidence the assumption that the United States is a postmodern society.Qs 2Social deviance refers to the change of perception of society in regards to a certain behavior or trend. Deviance may change in support or against a behavior. For instance, homosexuality was never embraced in the traditional society setting. However, the modern society has embraced homosexuality (White, 2008). In addition, the society has developed mechanism aimed at promoting and supporting the vice. As the society develops, homosexuality becomes more attached to the society. On the other hand, disorders such dyslexia was not given special attention as required. Once a child suffered from brain impairment they were perceived mad or social unfit. In the modern society, children with dyslexia are provided with special treatment and provided with a unique form of education to help them fit in the society (White, 2008). ReferencesDavis, V. (2014). Is America Pre-Modern or Post-Modern? Retrieved from:, H. (2008). Identity and Control: How Social Formations Emerge. New Jersey, Princeton: Princeton University Press.

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