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Sociology Final Exam

Write an essay on Sociology Final Exam. It needs to be at least 750 words.He believed that it was a method of using criticism or even questioning what occurs around us and involved a process of making the familiar strange. His belief was that one should step back and analyze what they already know and take a look at the behavior and interactions between people in society in a different way. When someone takes a situation that they take for granted, analyze the process, the roles involved, and then the consequences, that is what is making the familiar strange. One must recognize that there is a connection between the larger part of society as a whole and our own individual experiences according to his overall belief system on sociology. Most of his focus was placed on being able to look at the behaviors of society and how no particular group was exempt from interpretation and social examination. Gender, politics, race, and religion: none of these were unable to be free of interpretation. He used sociological imagination as a broad definition of social behavior and the study of human groups. However, Mills could see that there was an impact of social forces on an individual’s public and private life. It therefore was the central role in sociology.Social structure was imperative to Mills’ beliefs. To understand someone’s behavior, it would require looking at the social context. They have choices they can make but they are often confined by historical, cultural, political, economic, and social factors. Generally, people often do not realize that their lives are controlled by factors which are actually out of their control and it can be uncomfortable to see things in a different perspective. Mills’ idea could make someone paranoid because in the greater scheme of things, he believed that our perception of reality was not what was really real. To truly understand the capacity that social structure has on human behavior, one would have to step out of their own reality to try to see it from a broader perspective which

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