Software Lifecycle

by | Sep 15, 2021 | Homework Help

Complete 4 page APA formatted essay: Software Lifecycle.The nature of the desired system in terms of system user requirements and its complexity will determine the choice of the SDLC model to be adopted. Generally, the success of system development is more dependent on how closely the plan and steps in the chosen model are followed (Alan, Edward, & Edward, 1988).For this scenario, the most suitable model for developing the system is the Spiral model. The spiral model of software development life cycle is one of the models that have been designed to improve the software development life cycle. After several years of research and development, spiral model offers a greater risk –driven approach of system development process as compared to the other models that are more document driven or code driven (Barry, 1988).The choice for this approach is based on the nature of the project. the project is described as being volatile and dynamic. It is also prone to the exit of the development team members and incoming of new staff to help in the development of the system. Essentially, the project faces a lot of risks during its development cycle and also requires integration to a more complex system upon completion. Consequently, a risk oriented approach is ideally the best model to be used in the project. Spiral model is a risk oriented approach that has been designed to incorporate the risk analysis aspect of the project. It is also one of the best approaches since it has been designed to incorporate many of the strengths of the other SDLC models and eliminate their weaknesses (Alan, Edward, & Edward, 1988).The spiral model has advantages that are unique to its approach of system development. It has a high amount of risk analysis compared to other models. The model is also ideal for projects that are complex in nature and are mission critical. The software is also produced at the early stages of the software lifecycle (Barry, 1988). The spiral model carries more similarities to the incremental model,

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