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Solver function

Answer Questions A & B using a excel spreadsheet that uses the Solver function.Answer the questions in written format on another sheet in excel after the excel spreadsheet proves the modelShipping Carpets: A manufacturer of nylon carpets produces rolls of carpeting atfour factories and ships them to distributors in five locations. The table below showsthe capacities at the factories and the demands at the distributors for the nextquarter, all given in thousands of rolls. Also shown are the unit transportation costsbetween each factory and each distributor, stated in cost per roll. D1 D2 D3 D4 D5 CopocigrF1 42F2 F1F3 53F4 52Demand 4-1 56 29 31 59 [a] 10 points: If the manufacturer wishes to meet the demand at the minimumtotal transportation cost, what is the optimal distribution plan and its cost? [b] 10 points: Suppose that the manufacturer’s policy is that each distributormust be supplied from a single factory. What is the optimal distributionplan under this policy?

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