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Southeast patio product Inc

“6-The following data for Southeast patio product Inc. relate to the payroll for the week April 9, 2011.Employee Hrs Wrk, Weekly Sal., Fed inc tax, US Sav Bonds, CharitMartinez 45 $475 $295.80 $50.00 $20.00Norton 25 $250 $86.75 $15.00Oviedo $2,125 $621.00 $100.00 $75.00Perez 40 $400 $148.00 $5.00Roman 48 $520 $295.42 $25.00Russell 46 $490 $196.38 $35.00Torren $1,890 $205.10 $25.00Washingtom 38 $380 $178.00 $10.00All wage personnel are paid one and a half times the regular rate for all hours in excess of 40 hours per week. The FICA rate is 7.5% State Tax Rate is 5%, State unemployment rate is 5.2% and Federal Unemployment rate is .8%. $10.00 salary per hours.Instructions:a-Prepare a payroll table for Southeast Patio product Inc. for the week ended in April 9,2011.b-Journalize the entries for the weekly payroll and for the employer additional payments for the week ending of April 9, 2011.c-Journalize the entry for the payment of $28,560.85 to the Federal Government on April 30, 2001 for FICA Taxes owed by the company.””- Sent to Accounting Expert Tutor on 4/14/2011 at 11:46pm

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