SouthWall firewall application

by | Nov 17, 2021 | Homework Help

Smoothwall is one example of a firewall application. This week, you will discuss three advantages and three disadvantages of the SouthWall firewall application and contrast it with one additional firewall application of your choice.  Examine the smoothwall firewall application and compare it to another application. Explain which application is superior to the other. Also, select and examine two VPN appliances. List and describe three advantages and three disadvantages of each of the two VPN appliances. Which application is superior to the other? Explain why.After reading a few of your classmate’s postings, reply to the ones from which you learned something new or to which you have something to add. Remember to get in early and post often.Additional post option: How important is vendor support to the firewall that you chose and to firewalls in general?

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