Speeches of the security members

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Write an article on speeches of the security members during the resolution over syria Paper must be at least 1750 words. Even though, America and NATO expressed their concern regarding the affairs in that region their worry was the intimidation masqueraded by Islamic terrorism (Amnesty International, 2012, Pg.123-124).The latest Sino-Russian support over Syria in the UN Security Council, the General Assembly and other global meetings is suggestive as it reveals a mutual sense of dangers, and solidarity to develop a policy to resist America, NATO and other regional nations where their course of action threatens Chinese and Russian interests. This paper shall analyze the latest Security Council debate, which led to the resolution S/2012/77 and criticized the extended brutality caused by the Syrian authorities. I shall particularly analyze the five speeches made by the representatives of the Security members, which includes, USA, China, Russia, Syria and Azerbaijan countries (Khashan, 2011, Pg.120).In the context of the latest Security Council, the debate that led to the veto resolution S/2012/77, the Syrian government is under criticism regarding its brutal actions, and the purpose of this debate was to stop violation of human rights and attacks caused by Syria. Instead of endorsing the move to full capacity, the Russian and the Chinese ambassadors, Vitaly Churkin and Li Baodong respectively, implemented a mutual policy purposed at creating a resolution that would not be harsh on both the Syrian authorities or remove president Bashar from office. In endorsing their policy, they claimed that implementing such a resolution would provoke external armed intrusion in Syria, and this may cause an outbreak of a bloodier civil war (International Crisis Group, 2011, Pg.100-101).Vitaly Churkin emphasized that Russia’s idea was an objective solution that would eradicate human violence and attacks and commence a political healing in Syria. He said that Russia had already arranged a meeting with President Al-Assad the following week, in order to obtain a concession that would create a peaceful dialogue between the regime and the opposition parties.&nbsp.&nbsp.

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