Spurious correlations

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For readability, please be sure to double-space your assignments. Use this provided  to submit your response to the following discussion: For each of the three writing prompts below, respond with about 110 – 170 words (about one paragraph each).Prompt 1: In the last writing assignment about spurious correlations, you were asked to make up reasons why one variable might cause the results of another variable. In this assignment, try to think of outside factors that might be affecting more commonly accepted correlations. Or try to reverse the belief of which is the cause and which is the effect. Feel free to be creative!Examples: Climate change vs. carbon dioxide, standardized test performance vs. career performance,…Prompt 2:A common example of a good use of the median is in listing a city’s median home price. This is because a few very expensive homes will skew the data the right, thus giving an average home price that is higher than a typical home price.Explain one or more data sets that might be skewed – either to the right or to the left. Tell why they are skewed.Examples: Salaries at your job, gas mileage of cars, weekly exercise time of a group of friends…Prompt 3: Whereas skewed data is valid data that just happens to have some extreme values on the high or low end, biased data is actually not valid. Biased data is not valid because it is not representative of the population of interest. Imagine you are taking a survey about people’s thoughts on a proposed law to ban large sodas.  How might you bias the data to make it appear that the general population does indeed want the ban on sodas? Who would you survey? Where would you survey? How might you phrase your questions? You may choose another survey topic if you wish.

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