States of activity and non-activity

by | Nov 18, 2021 | Homework Help

Question 1 You must answer this question.Compare the three states of activity and non-activity of the neuron and how the ion exchange occurs on the axon to form an action potential.Question 2 You must do this question.Differentiate between physical and psychological addiction and the idea of tolerance and withdrawal.3. Describe the 3 different systems of the body that help the body communicate with itself.4. What is the difference between metabotropic and ionotropic synaptic receptor action? 5. Identify and discuss the formal criteria for classifying a substance as a neurotransmitter.6. What would you do if you wanted a drug to be in the synapse longer than usual? Think about this as you would have to do something that negated the normal functions that occur in the gap,7. Describe the positive reward model of drug abuse and compare it with at least one other perspective on drug abuse.8. Discuss the physiological and anatomical effects of alcohol on the brain and the reversibility of these effects upon cessation of alcohol abuse.9. Describe the characteristics of temporal and spatial summation in single nerve cells. In what ways are these processes important for information processing by the nervous system?10. Discuss the 4 finds of ion gating that are used to allow for the formation of the action potential and the events at the synapse and post-synaptic receptors.

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