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Statutory and regulatory requirements

Multiple choice workbook questions. See screenshots, thank you!Attachment 1Attachment 21. In healthcare, this is meeting the statutory and regulatory requirements set out for particular activities in the provision of healthcare A’ ACA2. Failure to disclose a fact that is relevant to a healthcare transaction is one. B. Abuse component of thIs3. Defined by the government, as any payment that should not have been C Fraudmade ‘4. Providers that are inconsistent with accepted fiscal, business, or medical ractices and that ma directl or indirectl result in unnecessa cost to thep Y Y Y W D. Upcoding program improper payments, services that fail to meet professionallyrecognized standards of care. 5. Billing for more expensive services or procedure than what was actually done E. AKS6. Billing individual components of a complete procedure or service separately F. CPM law7. The practice of a physician referring a patient to a medical facility in which G. they have a financial interest Whistleblower8. Someone who bring wrongdoing by an organization to the authority or to the H. Corporatepublic is known as a Compliance9. Primary litigation tool for combating fraud I. Safe harbor10. Prohibits knowingly and willfully offering, payment, soliciting, or receiving . . . J. Improperremu neratlons, to Induce busrness when the payment may be made under any payment federal healthcare program11. The transfer of anythlng of value, dIrectly or Indlrectly, overtly, or covertly, K. Stark Law in cash or in kind12. A regulation that protect certain payment and business practices that could L. False Claims potentially implicate the AKS from criminal and civil prosecution. Act13. Combats an increase in healthcare fraud and abuse M. RAC14. The Federal Physician Self-Referral Statue is also known as N. MACs 15. Required the development and implementation of a corporate compliance program for Medicare, Medicaid, and CHIPS patients 0’ Unbundllng16. A group of providers and suppliers meeting criteria that work together tomanager and coordinate care for Medicare fee-for-service beneficiaries that P HEAT meet quality standards and can share in any savings they achiever for theMedicare program 17. A ioint HHS and DO] initiative to combat Medicare and Medicaid fraud (1. CIA 18. Their mission is to identify and correct Medicare improper paymentsthrough the efficient detection and collection of overpayments made on claims R. AC05 of healthcare services provided to Medicare beneficiaries, as well as the

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