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Stock Market Investing

Submit a 500 words essay on the topic Stock Market Investing.This first pair of stocks belongs to companies involved in consumer non-durables (Coca Cola) and energy (Exxon Mobil) industries primary. Oil production is a world-known powerful business worth on investing. Nowadays all the geopolitics is somehow connected to energy sources, because without energy no production’s possible. However, this also brings specific risks. Like many oil companies, Exxon Mobil relies on oil from often unstable (politically, economically) regions. Thus, any geopolitical events can influence the stock prices. Coca Cola Company is an enterprise, working world-wide for many years, so there’re not many chances Coca Cola would bankrupt as consumer non-durables industry generally, is developing. However, Reeves admits that in 2015 when interest in bearing assets may be back, it would “rotate a lot of capital out of low-growth, low-dividend stocks like Coca Cola” (Reeves).Second pair of stocks (General Electric and Pepsi) looks pretty much like the first one, yet when looking into history of stock performances on NASDAQ, General Electric shows a poorer dynamic comparing to Exxon Mobil. Meanwhile, Exxon Mobile has their dividends growing during several last years, and though this year prices are decreased comparing to 2014, one can expect they rise along with profit. Coca Cola has generally stable dividends for 3 years with slight increase and performs better this year comparing to 2014. Pepsi performs with increasing success for the last years, increasing stock price and dividends too. Thus, it’s General Electric’s performing (too stable to earn money) what drags Pepsi down with. In third pair, Procter and Gamble has shown a decreasing trend during last months, and despite their dividends are increasing from year to year, other pair member, General Motors has only one year of dividends practice. Thus, it can be concluded that Coca Cola and Exxon Mobile

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