Strategic Consulting in Practice

by | Oct 20, 2021 | Homework Help

Write a 4 page essay on Strategic Consulting in Practice.Moreover, it faces competition from other grocery stores that are situated around it who may offer lower prices for similar goods and therefore have stronger bargaining power.In order to come up with our analysis, we have utilized many sources that provide all the important information for the business plan. First, Fresh Green Grocers has actively engaged customers through interviewing them on what their current experience is and what should be done in order that the business serves them better. The business also relies on the feedback of the customers after they have bought the goods or the products from the grocery store. Fresh Green Grocers also relies on the social media such as Facebook and Twitter and other forum that are meant to relay the experience that a person has after buying the grocery from their store.Fresh Green Grocers can exploit its strengths and opportunities, which include the fact that it is conveniently situated in areas, which are densely populated and experience high human traffic and the fact that its products are priced affordably. It also provides a variety of produce, which are derived from several suppliers within its roll of suppliers. The store also offers their customers fresh produce that are packaged in environmental friendly papers and containers that ensure that they do not perish within the shortest time.The weaknesses include the fact that some customers fail to give the desired feedback to the store, which is important for the improvement of service delivery while those that give feedback may lie. The store has also not established an effective marketing strategy to market the product as shown by the clear lack of a viable marketing mix. Fresh Green Grocers also experiences challenges in refrigerating or properly preserving some of its produce as it deals mostly in perishable groceries. Further, the store faces challenges in having constant and continuous supply of the groceries to be offered for sale.The

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