Strategic marketing plan

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Compose a 2250 words essay on STRATEGIC MARKETING PLAN. The strategy is to become the ‘preferred destination by providing food that is up to one week fresher than the supermarkets’.The operations of Sunripe are affected by the political, economic, social, technological, environmental and legal factors. These factors influence the operations and decisions of Sunripe in varying degrees. The influence of economic, social and environmental factors on Sunripe appears to be more pronounced than the other factors of macro environment.2.1.1(c) The set up of the Ontario Food Terminal (OFT), where food items received from more than 100 countries are sold under one roof indicates that the government enjoys good diplomatic relations with other countries and has adopted a liberalised trade policy.2.1.2(b) The target market of Sunripe consists of people with ‘above-average’ incomes. Thus most of the economic factors, predominantly the income levels of the consumers, will affect Sunripe’s revenue.2.1.6 (b) The case study only refers to the minimum hourly wage of $7.45 to be paid to part-time employees. Sunripe is not really affected by this aspect since it employs mostly full-time employees.2.2.3 (b) Customers wait for retailers to roll out discounts and promotional offers.2.2.3 (c) Sunripe makes price redundant since it competes on the plank of differentiation. fresh, high quality food at reasonable prices.Will Willemsen, the founder of Sunripe, is the single most important force behind Sunripe’s success. He painstakingly sourced the merchandise for his stores. Willemsen did not mind paying a premium to procure high quality, fresh food. Sunripe employed 90, mostly full-time employees, to manage the operations of its two stores.Sunripe is an entrepreneurial set up and therefore has limited capital. The retailer has managed to obtain steady cash inflows due to its operational efficacy. Sunripe had a sound financial position with the

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