Strauss family and others

by | Oct 28, 2021 | Homework Help

The concert was one of the biggest event hosted by the Strauss family and others. It is the largest worldwide event of classical music which reaches over a billion people via different means. The traditional musical program of Vienna showcased musical culture of the place at its best. It sends the world New Year greetings with peace and hope all around. The music show which is held annually is a stage to welcome New Year by the stars of the old and modern version of classical singing. What struck me as a listener was the soulful melody which was flowing through the concert hall. I just want to imagine the thrill and peace for the people who witnessed it live in the concert hall. The dynamics and the rhythm complexity were exemplary. The show went on smoothly and was a showcase of a melodious evening. I generally belong to the genre of rock although I appreciate all kind of music. The specialty of the music is the beats and the drum beats which takes to your ears at one go. I am an avid follower of various rock bands and love to play drum as an instrument. The thrill and the passion which flows through the rock music are in complete different symphony to the concert music which I just listened to. Since my ultimate fantasy is music I would like to experience the entire possible genre in the best possible concert halls one day. A musician must hear it all to create a symphony out of the instrument that he/she plays. The experience of hearing the melody of Strauss’s classical music has been thrilling and now one day I would like to visit one of his annual Vienna’s concerts. I hope I make it big one day so that I can visit it live and enjoy the symphony and the dynamism of the music at its best.

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