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Strengths to Potential Employment Options

Argumentative essay on Key Strengths Related to Potential Employment Options. Needs to be 4 pages. Civil engineering is a dynamic field with new information being introduced every day. It is important for a person in the field to focus on finding new information and employing them in becoming competitive in the job market. As a result, when I go to work in a particular place either on a voluntary program or internship, I try to learn from the experiences in the place. Consequently, reading books and some modern literature have helped me in improving on my strengths. I am a creative individual and seeking new alternatives to solve problems is always my ambition. Creativity has helped me become an outstanding individual in my field of study and various engagements. Ideally, I always employ the art of creativity to introduce new ideas that can ensure efficiency and effectiveness. While working as an intern in an electricity station, I managed to introduce new steps in checking the electrical devices and instruments within the organization. For example, I developed an automated model that determined if there were faults in the system. I have tried to improve on this strength by ensuring that I constantly and progressively provide solutions to problems and dealing with inefficiencies. Taking control and being assertive are some of the areas that require attention as I move through my career journey. Working as a civil engineer is marred by certain complexities and a person needs to take charge and push the ideas that are crucial for success. My desire is to become assertive in every instance by proposing solutions and ideas that provoke positive outcomes. Being timid and less assertive cannot make an individual succeed in different situations. To achieve this, I intend to participate in many events and read some books that provide directions on how people can be assertive and take control of situations as well as circumstances.

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