Structuralism theory of culture

by | Oct 20, 2021 | Homework Help

Write a 7 pages paper on the structuralism theory of culture. Roland Barthes was responsible for explaining the concept of myth as it contributed to the structuralist theory. He came up with the “Myth Today” concept whereby it defines myth as a category of speech. According to him, myth is not just any type of speech but also a means by which people use to communicate. The myth is a message that is sent to a particular group of people. According to the study, therefore, a myth cannot be perceived as an object, idea or concept but rather form and way of signification. For this reason, it is illusionary to discriminate other people’s myths. This, therefore, shows that there is no primitive, better or poor culture. It is important to note that anything can be considered to be a myth as it is a speech but depending on how it is conveyed. The strength of the myth is how it is conveyed thus cannot be defined as an object. Everything in this world is open to any suggestions from the society this is so because no laws exist in forbidding anyone to talk about things (John, 2002, pp.234-240). Objects can be used to come up with some mythical statements. The difference is that some objects are used for a while, others are not used at all and others are used for a very long time. A myth can be formed can survive for some time and be forgotten as the mythical objects keep changing. The concept of myth is founded on history as it existed from a very long time. For this reason, the concept of myth has not evolved over the years.&nbsp.

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