Structure of fluorenone

by | Oct 28, 2021 | Homework Help

a) Although fluorenone is more polar than fluorenol, more specific interactions between fluorenol and silica account for its slow migration in thin-layer chromatography. Below is a picture of the partial structure of silica. Using abbreviated structures for fluorenol and fluorenone, show the specific intermolecular interactions between these compounds and silica. Draw in extra silanol groups, as necessary. Use abbreviations such as R2CHOH and R2C=O for the fluorene derivatives.A good drawing will show at least two molecules of fluorenol (interacting in different ways with silica) and one molecule of fluorenone and will take into account the review topics, above. Be sure to include all non-bonding electrons in your drawing.b) Briefly summarize the interactions between silica and the three compounds that accounts for the elution order in TLC.Assemble the TLC Report in the order A.-D., above.

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