Students should be paid for receiving good grades

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Write 3 pages with APA style on Do you agree that students should be paid for receiving good grades. Parents present the cases of positive influence, which this strategy has on their kids. However, this method is not so harmless and effective. The given paper will prove that paying money for good marks is not the best way to make children study well. Money should not be a stimulus for everything Now many parents are sure that money can serve as a stimulus for children to be more concentrated on study. Thus, they pay for each good grade. It really works: a child has a clear understanding. if he or she completes this or that task well, he or she will be rewarded. Parents think that their kids focus on school, try to do their best to have good marks and it seems that there is nothing bad in the parents’ intentions. However, the question is the following: whether this focus on school and study is a conscious desire to gain knowledge or just a method to earn money and then get some pleasure. The second stimulus is much more probable. Moreover, children may start believing that money is the most important thing in the world and the consequences of such belief can be very negative. The long-term effect will not be received Undoubtedly, kids would be happy with introducing such system of financial incentives. At first children will do their best to earn much money, but the question is whether this desire to study well will be constant during the whole learning process. It is also important to understand how children treat money: as a reward or as a salary for going to school. Parents should determine what results they would like to get by using such methods. A wish to study, not money, should be the primary motivation In the majority of cases money is one of the most desirable things for children of all ages. Children would like to have their personal money, in order to spend it for what they want. It sounds like a step into the adult life. In such a way parents can cultivate the feeling of independence in their children, and try to show the correlation between such processes as doing and getting. “The money doesn’t come easily, but it sure motivates students to work hard in school — both for the dollars and the prestige” (Ivanova). The child begins to understand, that if a person would like to get something, he or she should take some effort. It sounds good from this point of view, nevertheless parents should be very attentive as this desire to get money risks to develop into obsession or become the only method in force. There are students in each class, who are not doing well at school, who have unsatisfactory behavior and who are always under the teachers’ control. It is obvious that parents can hardly change anything with the help of the money. The problem has much deeper roots. Children who get used to get some expensive things from their parents can hardly be motivated by them. If parents just deprive them of gifts, they will only manipulate their children and will not gain results. Parents should find arguments in order to evoke a wish to study, a wish to get knowledge and to become a full-fledged member of the society. Conclusion To sum it up, it is essential to remind the words from the Bible about the money: what does uneducated person want to have money for, if he does not want to get any wisdom? This statement perfectly explains the parents’ endeavors to encourage their kids. Money should not serve as a primary goal.

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