Studies on embryonic development

by | Sep 4, 2021 | Homework Help

Prepare and submit a paper on studies on embryonic development may involve modifying human embryos with animal genetic material or animal embryos with human g. It is to be stated that animal testing and experiment do not offer accurate results because animal models can never be generalized. Scientific literature opposes the concept that animals are pretty necessary for biochemical or genetic research. The wide spreading awareness is substantial, regarding disability of animal testing about offering reliable forecasts about human results and validations of models (Martin & Caldwell, 2011). Apart from this, here it faces a new avenue known as hybrid embryonic studies. In these studies, scientists modify the embryos of human beings and the animals that result in hybrid embryos. However this practice is under strong bombardment of critiques which are very powerful with respect to society as well as natural science (BBC UK). Following, we have brief list stating problems or limitations regarding animal testing or genetic modifications: Ethical Problems: Animals are sentient creatures who provide substantial benefits to the society. Experiments through animal may result considerable charge on their lives. It has been observed in many cases that scientists try their level best not to take the animals in miserable conditions but on the other hand, they must have to face different sort of unethical distress. For example they need to suffer from different diseases, face injuries, they are forced to stay in cages and most important they have to stay in laboratory simulated environment rather than their natural environment gifted by the nature. It is very obvious that they have to suffer a lot with ample uncertainty of getting cured in future. The researchers do not have any surety that they will even get any result by destructing the creature. Society comes against human and animal hybrid creation with very strong arguments which are put forward in order to highlight the societal hazards indeed (AAVS). First of all, it comes with a confused identity that nobody has a clear distinctive vision about the resultant hybrid vision. It is because the resultant embryo comprises of both, the genetic properties of human and animals as well. It is very much disgusting to even hear about. It is unnatural which gives more vagueness about the rationale behind the idea (Nuffield Council on Bioethics). Many religious schools of thought are in view that it is sort of interference in GodÂ’s nature. The natural creatures are best as they are introduced. Otherwise they cause immense hazards to the natural environment. As we can observe it through the devastating outcomes in society and environment because of this act. This also causes violating the human rights because the lucid respect of human organs must be sustained by each and every individual. It may be specified as an illegal and unethical act which is suggested to be banned without any special condition. The moral values of human embryos and cells must not be disrespected by combining it with animal embryos which even causes blurring the original identity of human beings. It is unacceptable in the aspect of motherless creations which again moves towards unnatural acts. The creations which are developed on the sole efforts of scientists are not prosperous for the natural environment. To protect natural environment, it must be stopped.

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