Successful bumper sticker

by | Jul 27, 2021 | Homework Help

Write a 1 page paper on the mix of a successful bumper sticker. Effective rhetoric does not exist in a vacuum but heavily depends on the context of the rhetoric, including its medium. What will be rhetorically effective in a speech, such as repetition, visual imagery, cadence and so on, will not necessarily be as effective in a book, or academic article. 

Firstly, this bumper sticker is not particularly clear. Yes, the exact words it says are clear, and exactly what they mean are clear, but one is left wondering what the broader interpretation should be – are you arguing against automated answering services? Is this a political stance that English should be the National Language? Do you dislike buttons in general for no particular reason? This bumper sticker’s fundamental point is not clear. Though this bumper sticker fails on the clarity test, it does actually pass the simplicity one. Everything is simple about this, perhaps too simple, which impedes clarity. But one cannot argue this is too complex for a bumper sticker.This bumper sticker is in no way interesting. If someone walks up to you and tells a joke, you will be inclined to listen to it. If someone walks up to you and says “I shouldn’’t have to press 1 for English” you will be mad at them for wasting your time. This bumper sticker, by not being interesting, wastes your time.

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