Successful Intercultural Communication

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1. Research high-context and low-context countries. Select one of each (excluding the United States) and explain why each country is either high or low, citing several examples of behaviors and cues. Then define a situation that is common in each country and how it might be misinterpreted in the other, and why.2. Take the high-context country you selected for Question 1. Imagine your boss is traveling there to give a presentation at a global conference. Using the Components of Successful Intercultural Communication found in Chapter 3, draft a document for your boss to use to tailor his presentation and guide his professional behavior while in that country.3. If a distant relative from Russia was planning to come to the U.S. for the first time for some important business meetings but feared offending his counterparts due to his lack of understanding of the U.S. culture and business environment, what information would you give him about American business culture and behaviors to help ensure his success.4. Imagine your company plans to change its personal expense policy in a way that could confuse everyone and result in a lot of wasted time and effort, and your boss plans to deliver the information and the new policy guidelines via a lengthy text memo. Write a document that either supports his decision to use written media or suggests he use another form of media to convey the information. Be sure to address the advantages and disadvantages of each media option for this type of communication.5. Based on your answer for Question #4, make a recommendation to your boss on whether an Indirect or Direct Approach should be used to communicate the new personal expense policy. Support your recommendation with information found in Chapter 4.

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