Suicide and Alcoholism

by | Sep 15, 2021 | Homework Help

Suicide and Alcoholism. The essay is to be 3 pages with three to five sources, with in-text citations and a reference page.As per (Sher, 2006,pg.57-61) “Studies have consistently demonstrated that constructs related to aggression and impulsivity confers additional risk for suicidal behavior among persons with alcohol dependence and other substance misuses”.The suicide tendency can also come as a withdrawal symptom among addicts. Most people under intoxication have less authority to think rightly and can get carried away at certain situations. As per (CDC, 2009) Alcohol can result in the loss of inhibition and can increase impulsive behavior and can lead to depression. Alcohol and drug abuse are second only to depression and other mood disorders as the most frequent risk factors for suicidal behavior. People under addiction are already depressed and drinking can impair there brain to be more vulnerable. Suicide is most often done in impulsiveness and drinking makes people more spontaneous.Alcohol is mostly habitual and people get addicted to it easily. Often mental disorders and drinking abuse is closely related and it is an understood fact that mentally ill people are more prone to commit suicide rather than normal people. Suicide tendency is also considered as psychological disorder in psychiatry world. So when it is accompanied by alcohol consumption then chances of suicide is relatively high. According to (Pompeili,2010, pg.1392-1431).Alcohol use is highly prevalent worldwide, and suicide is highly prevalent in populations of patients with alcohol use disorders. We can see that suicide is high in developed countries more due to their lifestyle.It can also provoke the person to take other drugs which can have a multiplier effect on the person’s thinking and can lead to suicide. Many people use a cocktail of drugs after drinking and can end to kill themselves in a hallucinated state. Alcohol is also a substance which can put a person into mode of delusion or hallucination and person in such an impaired condition can attempt to kill themselves in many

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