Suitable alternative that addresses crime

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Write an essay on Suitable alternative that addresses crime. It needs to be at least 750 words.Consequently, the mayor has commissioned the renovation of the correctional facilities in the city. He has sought the assistance of professionals in improving the conditions within the facilities. It is noticeable that the facilities in the city are ill equipped to serve the populace. Consequently, it is urgent to improve the conditions within the facilities. The authorities are expecting a surge in cases of crime in megacity due to the stagnation in economic growth. The mayor states that authorities will find it hard to deal with the situation because they are ill equipped to serve the needs of the population. Moreover, the rigidity of the jurisdictions in the city complicates the situation further. The facilities are undermanned, making it difficult for them to serve their purposes. Authorities need to tackle the circumstances prior to them becoming dire to accommodate the rise in the number of incarnates. The objective is to invent a suitable alternative that addresses crime in the city. Consequently, the paper discusses the challenges that authorities face when dealing with cases of crime. Furthermore, the paper focuses on the functions of the correctional facility in addressing cases of crimes in the society. Lastly, the paper intends to discuss the relationship amid the rise in crime and the economic stability of the region. Under the stewardship of the mayor, the authorities are planning for the renovations at the facility. The mayor is collaborating with the commissioner of the facility in commissioning for the renovations of the facility.

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