Summary Iroquois Chiefs Address the governors

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Create a 1 page essay paper that discusses Summary Iroquois Chiefs Address the governors of new york and virginia.s of how they—the Iroquois—have rejected Pennsylvania’s offer to buy the Susquehana River, thus demonstrating the Iroquois’ loyalty to the Duke of York,The Iroquois chiefs are quick to point out, however, that when provoked, the Iroquois are like the “Wolves in the Woods,” thus explaining the number of hostilities that have occurred between the Iroquois and the English in Virginia and Maryland. Chief among these hostilities involves the Iroquois abduction of five young Indians, who were in the service of the English. However, as it’s pointed out by the Iroquois chiefs, all is well now as the Iroquois nations involved in the abduction have promised to return the five young Indians to their rightful English owners. Presently, the Iroquois chiefs thank the Duke of York whose intervention on behalf of the Iroquois has prevented the hostilities with Virginia from escalating. And to assure that peace will prevail between the Iroquois and the English, the Iroquois chiefs promise to bring the tribe the Cahnawaas, who are native to Maryland, into the alliance.In conclusion, the Iroquois chiefs acknowledge that it will be difficult for the Iroquois to fully commit to the English and shake off the French influence which was especially strong among the Iroquois nations of the Onnondagas, the Cayugas, and the Oneydoes. The Iroquois chiefs mention a French Jesuit by the name of Milet who had attained the status of Sachem (leader) within the Oneydoes nation and whose influence was so great that the other nations failed to persuade Oneydoes to part with Milet. Indeed, for all their present antagonism to France and the French influence, the Iroquois chiefs admit that they have a grudging admiration for the French Jesuits who would dare to live among their enemies for the sake of carrying out their sworn

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