Sunday dinner

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Create a 4 page essay paper that discusses Sunday dinner.This essay is a great description of the issue of family unity. Most families all over the world have set aside a special day, either once a week or once a month. In the author’s family, this special day is usually on a Sunday where every member of the family is expected to show up for the Sunday dinner. This is because the main aim of gathering all family members is not generally to share a meal but to bring together all the members as well as getting to know each other’s welfare. The parents get an opportunity to ask on everyone’s well-being at school, in the work place for those who are working, relationships, both spiritual and casual as well as health welfare. To achieve all that, everyone is expected to contribute in the preparations of the dinner. Each one of us has to carry out a duty which is specifically expected from him or her. This makes the dinner livelier as well as creating more time for interaction. There are a number of duties that are carried out in preparation of the family’s Sunday dinner. The first one is coming up with the recipe to be used. The second one is shopping for all the required raw food and ingredients. The third one is preparing raw foods for cooking. The fourth is setting up the table and serving the food one it is on the dining table. Finally, clearing the used plates and washing them once the dinner is over. This is the step that the males in the family come in. The contribution of males in the kitchen expresses a lot of coordination, respect and togetherness in the family.

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