Support Media & Direct Marketing Focus

by | Sep 15, 2021 | Homework Help

Support Media & Direct Marketing Focus: Chapters 13 & 14 In this exercise you will learn more about a form of marketing communications that has recently become highly popular among advertisers; I’m referring to Guerrilla Marketing. The following two links will take you to a website that has an overview and some examples of guerrilla marketing. Please read both pages carefully. 1) 2) When you are done reading and looking at the examples, answer the following questions in the submission area within this folder. Make sure you integrate information from the website and the chapter readings into your answers. Be thorough but concise. 1. What is Guerrilla Marketing and what type of media does it use? 2. Why has Guerrilla Marketing been so successful that even big companies are incorporating it in their advertising efforts? 3. What kind of criticism has the use of Guerrilla Marketing received? 4. The second article presents many forms of guerrilla marketing, which one seems to be the most effective and less risky? Which one seems to be the most deceitful and potentially harmful to a company’s image? Briefly explain why. 5. As a marketer, would you use Guerrilla Marketing for communications objectives or sales objectives? Briefly explain why.

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