Susbstances, freud and Prejudice

by | Nov 18, 2021 | Homework Help

Write a 2 page essay on Susbstances, Freud, and Prejudice.smitted by the neurons within the brain cells, through either blocking or stimulating the synapse, thus affecting how signals flow from one cell to the other (Tart, 1969). Substances also affect chemicals through increasing or reducing the amounts of such chemicals in the brain, such as serotonin, which are necessary for information transmission between nerve cells (Tart, 1969). The moods of an individual, behavior, body posture and stability can tell whether an individual is under the influence of substances.Concept of the unconscious refers to things that do not easily cause alertness (Kline, 1995). The outward cognitive abilities of individuals can be reduced through drugs and substances use, while increasing the inward tractable process, thus reducing the tension between the innate person and the discrepancies on the outside world (Kline, 1995). It is beneficial for much of our behavior to be unconscious when we are de-motivated, since the unconscious is the source of motivation (Kline, 1995).Unconscious is not beneficial when it triggers motivations that are uncontrollable. An individual cannot recognize conscious behavior within himself/herself and even in others, when much of his behavior is unconscious. One would know a behavior was unconsciously driven, if the behavior starts as a need and is then transformed into a desire, an instinct or a wish (Kline, 1995).There was a time we absconded class as group when in high school, not willingly, but as a result of pressure from my peers that made me defy my instincts. It disturbed me more that evening, when I learnt we were to face disciplinary action. That caused me a lot of anxiety, and I could not concentrate at home.However, I made all attempts to block such thought, to avoid the parents learning what had happened. I have learnt that such attempt to do away with real threatening situation is an ego defense mechanism called denial (Saladin, 2009). I have learnt to follow my instincts, to avoid being

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