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SWOC/T analysis.bu Dhabi national airports

Write a 2 page essay on SWOC/T analysis.bu Dhabi national airports, as well as the neighbouring Dubai International Airport, the number of tourists arriving in the country can be established. For instance the Abu Dhabi International Airport estimates the figure of the number of tourists arriving in the country to be around 75,000 to around 100,000 per year.Reports from the two main bodies mandated to oversee the running and management of the tourism industry in Abu Dhabi, the Abu Dhabi National Hotels company (ADNHC) and the National Corporation for Tourism and Hotels (NCTH), the government of Abu Dhabi normally offers some grants to boost the provision of the better and quality services to the tourists vising the country (Sharpley, 2002) In particular, the government usually partners with these two main bodies to exempt taxes to some operators who offer duty free operations at the major tourist attractions.In an annual magazine released by Mercer’s dubbed Costliest Cities of the World, Abu Dhabi ranked among the top fifty costliest countries. The magazine attributes this rank to the countries luxurious tourist hotels. This has also meant that the country does very few 3 stars and 4 stars hotels, which continues to breeds negative perception by most of the locals owing to the high prices of the few available accommodation facilities.The Abu Dhabi Tourism Authority (ADTA), one of the tourism governing bodies in the country, also provides a report on some of the major opportunity plans that the country is intending to pursue. The report reveals that in the year 2004, the country received approximately 40,000 tourists attributed to the limited number of accommodation facilities that totalled up to 7,500 rooms in the same year (El-Abid, 2006). This therefore represents some form of resource underutilization or a general lack of clear organization in the industry. The ADTA therefore plans to add at least 20,000 more hotel rooms by the year 2015 in order to accommodate an expected 240,000 business

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