SWOT and Financial Analysis for Verizon

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Provide a 6 pages analysis while answering the following question: SWOT and Financial Analysis for Verizon. Prepare this assignment according to the guidelines found in the APA Style Guide. An abstract is required. SWOT and Financial Analysis for Verizon Verizon Communications Inc., which is also acknowledged as Verizon is duly considered to be one of the largest service providers of broadband and telecommunication in America. Verizon was formed in the year 2000 after the merging of Bell Atlantic Corp. and GTE Corp. The company has been listed in Dow Jones Industrial Average in the year 2004 due to its consistent performance in delivering quality services to the clients. It can be apparently observed that the company earned greater business reputation and established itself as one of the leading providers of advanced IT solutions to large business association and government bodies worldwide. Resulting from consistence performance in the telecommunication industry, the company has acquired number of well-known companies like Alltel (Verizon, 2013). With this concern, this paper intends to conduct a complete SWOT analysis and financial analysis of the company (Verizon, 2013). Discussion SWOT Analysis SWOT analysis is regarded as the most common adapted techniques which helps in understanding the strengths along with the weaknesses and also to identify the opportunities available and threats that the organization face and/or would face in future. The main objective behind adapting SWOT technique by modern business organizations in today’s business world is that it helps in identifying the internal along with external factors. These factors often act in favor or against a particular company providing opportunities to mitigate the issues and develop plans to maintain the current position of the company in the global platform (University of Washington, n.d.). In this similar concern, Verizon is regarded as an American based company which deals with the products or services such as broadband and wire line and wireless communication among other related products. It can be viewed that Verizon’s fourth-generation Long Term Evolution (4G LTE) is considered to be the most advanced 4G network around the United States of America (USA). However, the gaining momentum of business market competition in the telecommunication industry and the invention of new technologies are creating a barrier for Verizon to maintain its leading position in the respective industry. Additionally, it has also been viewed that the operation plans of Verizon are facing crucial challenges with the increased level of competitors, alterations in government regulations and global economic slowdown (Verizon, 2013). The SWOT analysis of Verizon has been demonstrated hereunder. Strengths. One of the major strengths of Verizon is normally considered to be its strong liquidity position. The company is regarded as one of the most consistence performers in the global telecommunication platform. The company reported an annual increase in the liquidity ratio resulting in 38% increase in its current assets and 1% increase in current liability in the year 2011. Moreover, the company has also reported a rapid growth in its receivable rate in the year 2011 which is also regarded as the other strength of the company. In terms of strengths, it can be viewed that the company possesses a substantial wireless capacity and coverage in the U.

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