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TB beside the statesman

Write TB beside the statesman in each pair that is too board to be developed in an easy. Write OK beside the statement in each pair that is a clear, limited point.1.    a. After- school art and athletic clubs provide healthy outlets for young people.  B. After school art and athletic clubs at Garfield Junior High School have helped reduce the number of thefts, gang wars, and acts of vandalism once common in our community. 2.    a. The educational system in the United States needs to be improved.b. The educational system in my hometown could be improved by eliminating the current school board, hiring more teachers, and holding parents accountable.3.    a. The attacks of 9/11 dramatized drum the heroism we have come to expect from our police and firefighters. b. Americans responded well doing the attacks of 9/11.4.    a. College classes can be very challenging.b. Completing a college course requires organizations, persistence, and patience.5.    a. The history of the Puritan faith is very interesting. b. The persecution of the Puritans in England led to their immigrant to the New World.

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