Teaching plan for healthy snacks

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Create a 6 pages page paper that discusses teaching plan for healthy snacks in preschool age: acca day care in annandale virginia. The need was identified by ACCA (CDC) because they provide daycare and early education for children during their preschool age. ACCA (CDC) recognized that parents have a significant influence on children’s life and their health. In addition, given that children in ACCA Day Care come from families with low-income, parents are not able to engage in healthy feeding modes. thus, they end up offering unhealthy snacks to their children, which causes problems such as childhood obesity. In fact, a significant portion of their income is spent on the rent due to a shortage of affordable housing in Annandale, Virginia (ACCA, 2012). Therefore, ACCA (CDC) found the need for educating parents on the application of a practice, which ensures that children are provided with healthy snacks during their preschool age. Teaching plan for healthy snacks in preschool age is motivated by the appalling reputation of snacks in the society. Currently, in-take of regular meals among numerous families in Annandale, Virginia has been noted to be comprising of snacks, which may result to health problems such as obesity among preschool-age children (Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, 2011). In this case, this has led to a different perception of meals and snacks for preschoolers by ACCA (CDC). Given that preschoolers are children, who are smaller compared to teenagers and adults, their stomachs are incapable of holding a lot of food during a meal. thus, they eat more than adult’s do. On the other hand, they are more active. thus, they require more calories. Preschoolers need 1,300 calories daily, and snacks offer twenty to&nbsp.twenty-five percent of the total energy needed by these children (Steendahl, 2013). In this case, there is a need to identify the snacks that are healthy for children in order to avoid problems caused by excess intake of calories.&nbsp.

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