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Question: 1 These three teams have different jobs.  The operational security teams are tasked with risk management process aimed at protecting the sensitive information of an organization from falling into the wrong hands.  The team seeks to prevent cybersecurity threats that may occur, detect threats and respond to security incidences that may occur on the networks, computers or server in a timely fashion. Their job is unique because the monitor all systems on an ongoing basis (Bhatt, Manadhata & Zomlot, 2014).The job is different from security engineering team whose focus is to design as system which   is capable of robustly dealing with possible sources of disruption in the network ranging from natural disasters to those of malicious acts. The team is also tasked with the role of protecting the network, as well as, the computer systems of an organization from any security threats or attacks. In most cases, security engineering team is responsible for the establishment and implementation of security solutions which is capable of defending a company and its networking assets (Mead & Woody, 2017).  When it comes to cyber security team,  the professionals are task with the job of protecting IT infrastructure of an organization, edge devices, networks, as well as, data. The job of cyber security team is also to prevent data breaches, monitor and react to attack that may occur in the system. They also serve to stay up to date with the recent and latest tactics that hackers are employing in the IT field (Dawson & Thomson, 2018).Answer:I want 150 words explanation on above paragraph. you must include at least two citations and 2 references., your sentence must be start from, I like your post, I would like to add some more details on your discussion….Question:2  Operational security teams of an organization perform various tasks dissimilar from those of cyber security and engineering. The operational security teams are responsible for maintaining the organization security monitoring tools so as to effectively protect the entire system regularly. This incorporates data collection which is further extended to entire network systems comprising the organization cloud infrastructure. On the other hand, security engineers are responsible for updating the systems, recommending organizations new tools and maintaining the employed tools (Blair, Hall & Sobiesk, 2019). Operational security team manages and implements various security tools and collection of technology products that offer insights within the entire organization security setting. However, cyber security engineers documents protocols, procedures and requirements so as to ensure that other organization users permission to access available resources.Security engineers in an organization are responsible for screening and testing organization security software. In addition they frequently monitor all the functional systems and networks for prevalence of intrusions and security breaches. However security engineers can possibly resolve potential security causes of threats initial on by focusing at a certain perspective of security concerns and recommending for further improvements of management (Hámornik & Krasznay, 2017). An organization security engineer could too be hardware or software expert with a certain attention towards the security aspects fundamental during information system designing. The security system engineer tasks, in contradiction to operational security team tasks, solve emerging bulky problems by way of splitting or breaking them down into simpler and well-defined problems (pieces) on top of recalling description of the problem to be utilized during validation of solutions.  The security operational team encounters numerous challenges in achieving their various tasks through challenges in understaffing and overworking in course of executing their roles and responsibilities (Blair, Hall & Sobiesk, 2019). It is vital for effective organization security engineers emphasizing on planning and designing equipped computer systems capable of dealing with future disruptions such as malicious acts and cyber-attacks hence, resolving future security occurrences.Answer:I want 150 words explanation on above paragraph. you must include at least two citations and 2 references., your sentence must be start from, I like your post, I would like to add some more details on your discussion….

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