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Technological device

Provide a 5 pages analysis while answering the following question: Technological device. Prepare this assignment according to the guidelines found in the APA Style Guide. An abstract is required. After staying in college for three months, my parents sent me money to buy a cell phone. Unlike Gathman (42) who preferred a bilingual phone, I preferred a phone with internet access. I acquired a Nokia 2330 Classic model. This device increased my urge to use the internet. I deviated from searching for academic material to searching for famous quotes and biographies of famous people. From famous philosophers like Aristotle, Socrates to the greatest mafia such as Al-Capone I passed through their lives. This information was not much related to my field of study but I fancied searching for it. The quotes and biographies, I downloaded them, printed, and documented them. This was not only outside the lecture room. I could search for this information even during lectures if I found the lecturer to be boring. My colleagues found my character weird because at that time we were overburdened by assignments and less time was available for leisure. I had heard about Facebook several times even before I joined college and when I came to college I found it was very popular among the students. We were raised in a Christian family and my parents instilled in me strict Christian values. They had warned me against sites like Facebook over and over again. They told me that Facebook was a dating site that enhances moral degradation in the society. I heed to their advice and no matter how much my friends convinced me to join the network, I resisted the temptation. In fact, I commenced a campaign to discourage my friends from being on Facebook. I usually used to search for my friends on the internet and sent them messages requesting them to delete their Facebook accounts because it was an “immoral” site. One time a lecturer gave to one of our colleagues an assignment, we did not have a lecture that day so reaching all students in our class was an uphill task. The student decided to post the assignment on Facebook because making phone calls would have been costly for her. Information went round but I could not get it because I was not part of the “Facebook community”. The next day the assignment was due for submission yet I heard not heard about it. My friends blamed me for being rigid towards embracing the new technological paradigm. Since that day my thinking was transformed. was it for better or for worse? During the lunch hour, I disregarded my parents’ advice and went and opened a Facebook account. Even though I had opened the account, I was very cautious. I researched about social networking sites in depth. It was then that I came to learn that Facebook unlike dating sites offered a platform for people to make friends and share views and thoughts (Jain, Anand and Gupta 2). My whole attitude towards Facebook changed. I sent friend requests to my colleagues and friends. My friendship search did not stop at home. I crossed the borders and even searched for friends in other continents like Africa, Australia, and Europe. Sometimes I sent them messages in their in box and commented on their status. This site now provided me with information about lecture schedules, assignments, and meetings. I became so used to Facebook that most of my time was spent on Facebook. My passion for searching for quotes and biographies faced and was replaced with Facebook networking. The reason as to why I had resisted Facebook was now contradicted.

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