Technological innovation

by | Jul 27, 2021 | Homework Help

Forum #1: Research a company that you believe has successfully leveraged one or more of their internal resource capabilities. Evaluate the strategy that they employed and explain why you think they were successful.

Assignment #1:

Leveraging-Evaluate some of the key tangible and intangible resources and core competencies within your company (or soon-to-be business) and develop a plan to integrate and leverage those resources and core competencies to create a competitive advantage.

  • Minimum 2 pages
  • Minimum 2 scholarly sources

Forum #2:

  • Is your technological innovation considered a continuous or discontinuous innovation?
  • From the targeted adopter¬ís perspective, what makes it a continuous or discontinuous innovation?
  • How does your innovation provide your venture with a competitive edge/advantage?

Assignment #2:

Based upon your Week 1 Assignment survey results, write a brief report (2-3 pages) assessing the adoption response of your targeted population to the determinants (antecedents); i.e. Advantage, Compatibility, Complexity, Trialability, Observability, of your product (or service). What does the data tell you about the targeted population’s perception of your innovation?

  • Minimum 2 pages
  • Minimum 2 scholarly sources
  • APA Format

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