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Technology for Learning

Technology for Learning. Needs to be 2 pages. For young students the mind map and the systems based thinking can be quite simple as discussed in the article, but for more mature students, the system can be as complex as required. This is certainly a positive aspect of this manner of thinking since it has inherent scalability depending on the situation the teacher finds him/herself in.If the recommendations given by Coulter (2006) are used in the classroom, technology would become an intrinsic part of teaching as children use software and mind mapping tools to show their understanding of the systems around them. Further, it would also develop the idea of independent thought and individual creativity since the systemic understanding of a given situation could be different for individual children from varied backgrounds. For example, a child who comes from a very religious house may create a mind map in which a divine entity causes plants to grow rather than sunlight.Thus, with regard to the content of the article, a question can be asked if such liberties and a rather independent approach to teaching and learning could be managed effectively with children who are in very junior classes? If yes, then how would the problems associated with such learning be solved and if No, how could mind mapping tools be better used in the class

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