Technology plans

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Technology Plans Pretend that the school board wants to use more technology in both instruction and evaluation. Given the demographics of your school district, research three issues that a school board must consider when creating a technology implementation plan.  Support your reasoning with at least one quality resource.  Respond to one of your classmates. Discuss at least one way to address each issue described in your classmate’s postpo. Peer Post Three common issues that the school board must consider when creating a technology implementation plan is budget and or cost, training for staff, and even distribution. When it comes to implementing technology, the school board has an important role to make sure students have the resources needed to have a technology integrated curriculum. When it comes to the budget and cost of implementing technology the school board has to consider the cost per school as it relates to the budget per year and new or equipment that needs upgrades. How to figure items like how many students per class and if students will have access only to a few computer or a classroom set of tablets. The next training for staff is a simple but needed consideration for the board. Time will need to be set aside for each school system to train professionals on correctly on the implementation of technology in the curriculum to promote students success. Finally, even distribution is a concern, I have been in classrooms as a substitute teacher and notice on the elementary level some students have to privilege to have tablets for each of them offered by the school. But this differs from some elementary school in the same district. It is up to the school district to make sure that all students are offered the same education as their peers within the district. Fundamental among all challenges is the lack of adequate, ongoing professional development for teachers who are required to integrate new technologies into their classrooms yet who are unprepared or unable to understand new technologies (Nagel, 2013). References:Nagel, D. (2013). The Journal: Transforming Education Through Technology. 6 Technology Challenges Facing Education, 2.

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