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You will prepare and submit a term paper on Employee Recruitment and Employee Selection Processes. Your paper should be a minimum of 2250 words in length. Recruitment is a process of inviting and gathering the well-suited, appropriate, and fit candidates for a particular job or task to complete. Recruitment is about making pipelines of brilliant and talented candidates, and it is one of the factors on which, the stability of the organization and its position in the external market depends. The recruitment process has to obey certain limitations and criteria in order to be effective and fruitful for the organization (Roberts, pp. 11-13). The criteria for the recruitment process of any organization include the processes that are simple, convenient, and easy to understand. Moreover, the recruitment processes have to catch up with the company’s legal and ethical standards. The heads of the recruitment processes that are generally the managers follow the rules and regulations of the organization tightly and consistently. In order to determine if the recruitment process is a science or an art, the papers give a detailed analysis of recruitment processes, techniques tools, and steps involved. First, the organization has to develop the strategy of recruitment. This includes the decisions made and standards set over the types of candidates, their qualification and educational background, their work experiences, the interpersonal skills, their talents, and knacks that are important, significant, and decisive in candidates for achieving this job. The recruitment strategy is the first step towards making and performing a recruitment process in a sound manner. The next steps usually followed in all the recruiting organization is determining if the recruitment is internal or external. Internal recruit is well known for recruitment. it involves recruiting the existing employees of the organization for another and completely different sector. This change the job position of existing employees and this phenomenon is very famous in developed countries a lot. This recruitment holds its basis on the complete background information provided to the recruiting board in order to aid the process. This type of recruitment follows the rules and regulations as determined by the organization in a very strict manner, as there is always a chance of favoritism and biasing while performing internal recruitment.

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