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Terrible Effect of Global Warming

Complete 5 pages APA formatted article: Terrible Effect of Global Warming. The temperature has gone up to an extent where it can have more damaging effects on agriculture than beneficial ones.Climate change is a global issue but can be noticed in the United States of America as well and this warming of temperature causes the crops to develop earlier giving less output, which can be witnessed in many parts of the US. The analysts have assumed a 5 % temperature rise in the next 30 to 50 years due to carbon emission in America. America will have to face a decline of 15 to 30 billion dollars in agricultural output by the year 2080.Carbon fertilization may reduce the effects of global warming on agriculture but the percentage will be very minimal. Further advantages and disadvantages related to oceans and forests are also covered below.Agriculture is a major affected area of global warming and administrations of countries are busy in finding a solution to this problem. Out of many problems resulted from global warming, the most important is its effects on agricultural productions. It is quite clear that agricultural countries will suffer more than industrial countries in this context because global warming will hit agriculture and not industry. Wealthier countries will face more effects than developing countries due to their locations. The temperature has gone up to an extent where it can have more damaging effects on agriculture than beneficial ones (Cline 2008).Agriculture can be affected in many ways because of global warming. Climate changes and carbon emissions result in an increase in global warming ad then agriculture is affected by global warming. If the temperature rises beyond a certain degree then this climatic change results in the passage of crops faster through the developing stages. Crops are ready for cultivation before time but with reduced output. Higher temperature contains less humidity and less moisture for plants in hot weather.&nbsp.

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