Terrorists on social media platforms

by | Nov 6, 2021 | Homework Help

1.Terrorists are now using social media platforms such as Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter to promote propaganda and recruit new members. Do you believe that social media outlets are doing enough to combat terrorism? Why, or why not? What additional measures should they take to deter the use of their platforms for terrorist activity? 2. Global terrorist organizations use improvised explosive devices (IEDs) to inflict damage and to instill fear in society. In many countries and wars overseas, the use if IEDs is quite common. However, in the United States, the use of IEDs is quite rare. Given the ease at which an IED can be manufactured, why do you think gangs, criminals, and homegrown terrorists do not use them more frequently in the United States? Do you think we will see a change in the frequency of IED use in the United States? 3.   Select Hurricane Katrina, the Boston Marathon bombings, or another recent disaster or terrorist event that has happened in the United States. What was one nongovernmental organization that assisted with the incident, and what resources (personnel and supplies) did they provide? 4. Consider the scenario below.The northwestern United States has experienced a blackout. Washington, Oregon, and Idaho are all without power. Assume your state and jurisdiction is located in either Washington, Oregon, or Idaho. The unusually hot summer for the area has resulted in high electrical consumption, which has overloaded the electricity grid. Today, the core servers and remote sites began to fail. The power system in the area experienced a major loss of all systems. Within 1 hour, nearly one third of each state was affected. Throughout the blackout areas, businesses shut down, rioting became an issue, traffic became gridlocked, people were stranded in elevators, and the 911 system became jammed with all of the response calls. Responders are having a hard time responding because of the traffic gridlock. Media outlets are reporting that the power outage is because of a terrorist attack, even though it is unknown.During the incident, please describe the actions that your jurisdiction would take utilizing the multiagency coordination system (MACS). Discuss how the MACS would prioritize resources. As you respond to your classmates, discuss why you think they will choose this prioritization. Explain your rationale.Please keep then number, this is not require no APA.  these are Discussion boards.

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