Testing the limits of prospective autonomy

by | Jul 27, 2021 | Homework Help

Testing the limits of prospective autonomy- advance directives in an incompetent patient. Paper must be at least 500 words. case, the physician must develop a social interaction with the patient by making him understand that the neglect of the transfusion administration is seen as a neglect of life, which is equitable to suicide.Being a religious belief, Jehova Witness is not legally approved by the country to teach its followers against blood transfusion. The medical principles have a blood transfusion as mandatory for people in emergency situations that involve excessive bleeding.

However, without the consent of the patient, if the medical practitioner goes ahead to give the transfusion, he risks being sued by the patient in the court of law for malpractice. The medical code of conduct dictates that the patient must be consulted before any medical procedure is performed, which he or she must approve. However, the decision is sometimes left to the physician, especially in emergency life-saving situations.

One of the factors that is in favor of the physician after the administration is that the failure to save the life of a patient is not documented in the medical laws and also in the national laws. Even if the patient filed a malpractice case, the physician would not be convicted of an offense. Failure to administer the transfusion would be the most serious case that may even see the physician fired. In order to act in a moral, ethical, and humane manner, the physician should administer the transfusion to save the life of the patient.

The virtue theory would also be applied in the determination of the decision to make on whether to administer the blood transfusion or not to the incompetent patient. The virtue theory suggests that the performance of an act that promote the common good for society as well as individuals and regards an activity that would cause harm as vicious (Shelp, 2012). Applying this theory in the present situation, efforts to save the life of a person would be desirable to the society and promotes the health wellbeing of the patient. It is thus virtuous for the…….

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