Text and culture

by | Oct 6, 2021 | Homework Help

Compose a 2500 words assignment on text and culture. This declaration infuriates Jackie who leaves Roseanne’s house. Roseanne informs her husband Dan about the fight between her and Jackie and Dan responds by saying that even though he does not believe that Jackie has what it takes to become a cop it is likely that she would be accepted by the police department.Roseanne and her family are having dinner and Darlene is constantly teasing Becky, she reveals that Becky has been reading her father’s magazine ‘Girls, Girls, Girls’ and that she wants to be like the girls who appear in the magazine. Roseanne asks Darlene to stop her mischief and quit bothering Becky to which Darlene becomes angry and leaves.Darlene is shown to be at Jackie’s house where she discusses the issues at home with her aunt. Darlene recounts that no matter how hard she tries it is impossible for her to become like her sister Becky who is perfect in everything and is loved dearly by their parents, especially their mother. Jackie responds by telling Darlene about her relationship with her older sister, Roseanne and how she has tried to control her life and her decision despite her own personal failures. The two younger sisters appear to understand each other’s position and their place in the family as the younger sibling.Darlene comes back home and Roseanne questions her about her conversations with Jackie but Darlene refuses to share the information. Jackie arrives and thanks Darlene for putting the pail near her bed because she had been drinking. Roseanne hears this and becomes infuriated. The two sisters argue and eventually start hitting each other, they take the fight to the couch and Jackie hits Roseanne and asks her to apologize for going against her wish of becoming a cop and demands that she supports her. Roseanne apologizes but insists that she has one thing to say before lending her support. Roseanne makes an imaginary gun with her hand and points at Jackie while asking her how she would respond to such a threat, Jackie is only able to raise her hand in order to slap the gun before Roseanne tells her that she is now dead.

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