The Art of War

by | Sep 15, 2021 | Homework Help

Question 1As the sixth century B.C. Chinese military strategist and philosopher Sun Tzu stated in his famous military text The Art of War: “If you know the enemy and know yourself you need not fear the results of a hundred battles.” Once you understand how hackers think, the tools they use, their exploits, and their attack techniques, you can then create effective defenses to protect against them. Understanding hacking not only improves network security; it also maintains security at a high level of readiness.Why is understanding hacking, exploitation, vulnerabilities, and attacks critically important? What motivates hackers to attack computer networks? Why does anyone get involved in illicit activity outside the mainstream?question 2 —  Network Security Management Class,Network security management best practices are recommendations, guidelines, or standard operating procedures for obtaining reasonable security on a real-world budget. Best practices are usually not specific recommendations for products or tools; instead, they are recommendations for philosophies, stances, or concepts to use. The following items are suggested best practices. These might not apply to every environment, although you should consider, adapt, or adopt each when appropriate. The foundation of any security endeavor and the start of security best practices is having a written plan. A written security policy has no substitute. Any other method, any other process, and other attempted procedure for defining, implementing, and managing security will fail. Only a written security policy has the potential to succeed.What key factor DO YOU recommend should be included within a vulnerability assessment’s report? Why is this factor important?question 3—-  Firewall Basics   Firewalls are essential to maintaining security, such as supporting valid communications and blocking malicious traffic. However, firewalls are often more than just simple filtering tools. The standard and enhanced features of firewall products require knowledge and skill if you are to properly employ them. Chapter 7 introduces a variety of concepts relative to firewalls.  When you complete Chapter 7 you will be able to:* Construct examples of common firewall rules* Design a policy to guide effective firewall monitoring and logging* Identify the limitations and weaknesses of firewalls* Identify methods to manage firewall performance* Define the concerns of encryption related to firewalls* Identify the benefits and drawbacks of firewall enhancements* Demonstrate how to access and use firewall management interfacesWhat is the biggest issue(s) or problem(s) YOU SEE with firewalls?

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