The astronauts of oxygen

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You are a NASA engineer. You are the chief engineer for the Apollo 13mission to the moon. The astronauts are running out of oxygen and need toget rid of the excess carbon dioxide. You know that sodium hydroxide hasbeen suggested as a means of removing carbon dioxide from the spacecraftcabin. The filter which they had been using is fully saturated and no longerworks. You remember that the astronauts have a 5 kg container of sodiumhydroxide on the ship. You also know that sodium hydroxide can be used toremove carbon dioxide according to the following reaction:NaOH + CO2 ? Na2CO3 + H2OThe astronauts have 2 days left before they land on earth. You know thatthere are three astronauts, and each astronaut emits roughly 500 g ofcarbon dioxide each day. Is there enough sodium hydroxide in the cabin tocleanse the cabin air of the carbon dioxide, or are the astronauts doomed?Again be sure to show all your work!

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