The battle of Alamo as a part of the Texan revolution

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Need an research paper on the battle of Alamo as a part of the Texan revolution. Needs to be 9 pages. On February 23, the Mexican forces advanced to take over the Texan troops, which were stationed at the Alamo. The Texan army kept working on improving their defenses.&. In the early hours of March 6th, 1836, the Mexican troops prepared for a final attack on the Texan troops. The Texan troops fought off the initial attack as well as the second. However, during the third attempt, the Mexican forces gathered around Alamo¬ís north wall and the commander of the Mexican troops Santa Anna sent the reserved troops to the same wall. Soon the Mexican troops climbed the walls and then opened the gates for the rest of the army. The Texan army retreated but several members of the troops failed to reach the safety point and therefore killed by the hands of the Mexican.&. The final battle ended the next and lasted almost twelve hours. The entire battle lasted thirteen days.&. A list of names of the Texans who died at the Alamo had begun to be compiled. The reason behind the war was that Santa Anna, the commander chief of the Mexican troops was making plans to control the unrest in Texas. He gave up his post of the presidency and led what was called the Army of Operation in Texas, which would end the revolt of the Texan army. The people that comprised the unit of the Army of operation were generally working at full strength and many of them were new recruits. Many soldiers carried muskets and rifles. However, Santa Anna managed to raise an army of six thousand and nineteen people. A majority of his troops’ aware convicts who agreed to serve in the army rather in jail. Most of his troops argued that he should lead the army along the coast to get more and additional supplies by sea.&. However, Santa Anna started his march towards Bexar, which was the political center of Texas. This step taken by Santa Anna was to save his family reputation because his brother-in-law had lost Bexar in the previous war against the Texan army. Also, this march would train his new recruits to bear the pain and agony of the war.&.

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