The Buddhist Conceptions

by | Oct 6, 2021 | Homework Help

A thesis and an outline on The Buddhist Conceptions of Subject and Object and Their Moral Implications. Prepare this assignment according to the guidelines found in the APA Style Guide. An abstract is required. He maintains that the fundamental human truths do not change despite the varying schools of thought and the changing times. In his many discourses, he sometimes took very unsuspecting stances concerning certain subjects. Such times are, I may say, critical because the subjects such as the existence or non-existence of God and the topics of subjectivity and objectivity drew debates so much that as the Awakened one, he could not ignore, but give an opinion to. This paper takes the role to explore these subjects and the reasoning he gave in support of his position.The tragic-comic debate is certainly a very interesting but hot debate. It is a purely philosophical debate rather than a religious one. It is a debate about God’s existence. Such are the topics that Buddha gave a cold shoulder on. This is contrary to the common belief that well-informed personalities should give themselves into creating and facilitating in discourses of like manner. However, Buddha remarked that after so much wavering and faltering between the existence of God and His non-existence, he found out that avoiding being a contributor to the tragic-comic debate could put him on firmer ground for apparently, he was agnostic about God’s existence. Therefore, as records, Buddha chose to be noncommittal in the issue, which was obviously thorny. He considers the prime meaning of knowledge to be for the dispelling of suffering. Therefore, dwelling on a subject that does little to eliminate suffering is, according to Buddha, futile, and not profitable at all. Kalupahana observes that this all-important debate is merely a form of entertainment. This is because those who discredit the argument concerning God’s inexistence and the proponents of God’s existence argue out a concept, which puts them at par. In effect, the more one party contends, the more it makes the other party’s argument valid.Buddha gives the reason that the topics such as the existence of God and the origin of the universe are a non-theist approach, almost agnostic in its interpretation. The non-theist approach is actually an inquiry-based on intellectuality and philosophy.

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